Mendocino Elopement| N & S

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 I  had the immense pleasure of meeting this  beautiful couple from Victoria, Canada yesterday. They invited me to photograph and witness their elopement at The Cypress Grove in Mendocino, California.  I will tell more of their story a bit later, but here’s a quick peak to get you started!

Happy Friday!


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Fort Bragg California Photographer| Communication is an Art

The Art of Communication. Yes, communication really is an art. Communication takes finesse, thought, the ability to listen, time, and most importantly patience.  Communication is the key to any business relationship.  Generation X as we like to call ourselves has communication down to a science. Sometimes to our own demise. With email and social media at our fingertips via our smartphone, tablets, and even laptops it is virtually unnecessary to carry on a conversation face to face.

This may be the reason why I put such a HUGE price into sitting face to face with every. single. one. of my prospective brides. I want to know if we can carry on a conversation, if we are compatible and share a vision.

All that being said, we are changing our consult structure just a bit for the 2013 wedding season. We will get into the details a bit more as the time comes, but let me just say, I think our clients are going to love it just as much as we are. We will give you a sneak peak as the 2012 wedding season comes to a close. It’s unique and innovative. We hope you like it as much as we think we will.

These are just somethings that I have been pondering today. Happy Tuesday!



I Heart Faces Photo Challenge| Happiness

Happiness is:

Being a boy.

Playing outside.

Getting Dirty.

Making Noise.


What makes you happy? Head over to I Heart Faces today and see what’s making everyone over there HAPPY!

Photo Challenge Submission