Sisters | Fort Bragg California Family Photographer

There is nothing better than a photo session with a long time friend and her sister. I have had the pleasure of knowing Savannah since grammar school and her baby sister since she was an infant. We had a little bit of fun out at Jughandle State Park this week in preparation for Father’s Day.  40 minutes plus perfect light plus two beautiful girls equals time well spent.



Father’s Day is approaching quickly. Have you considered a photo shoot for the father in your life?  It’s a gift that will last a lifetime. Thank you Savannah for inviting us to help you create lasting memories for your DAD! Hugs and Kisses from both of us!



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Tutu Trending Toddler| Mendocino Child Photographer

Bea is simply adorable. She invited me to her house to capture her love for her tutu and teddy bear. I think we did a pretty good job. Don’t you?


When I arrived at her house, she immediately wanted to hold my hand and show me around. We were instantly friends. Can you blame me? 



Cheers to you all! Happy Memorial Day if we don’t talk before then! 

Mendocino Elopement| N & S

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 I  had the immense pleasure of meeting this  beautiful couple from Victoria, Canada yesterday. They invited me to photograph and witness their elopement at The Cypress Grove in Mendocino, California.  I will tell more of their story a bit later, but here’s a quick peak to get you started!

Happy Friday!

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Fort Bragg California Photographer| Communication is an Art

The Art of Communication. Yes, communication really is an art. Communication takes finesse, thought, the ability to listen, time, and most importantly patience.  Communication is the key to any business relationship.  Generation X as we like to call ourselves has communication down to a science. Sometimes to our own demise. With email and social media at our fingertips via our smartphone, tablets, and even laptops it is virtually unnecessary to carry on a conversation face to face.

This may be the reason why I put such a HUGE price into sitting face to face with every. single. one. of my prospective brides. I want to know if we can carry on a conversation, if we are compatible and share a vision.

All that being said, we are changing our consult structure just a bit for the 2013 wedding season. We will get into the details a bit more as the time comes, but let me just say, I think our clients are going to love it just as much as we are. We will give you a sneak peak as the 2012 wedding season comes to a close. It’s unique and innovative. We hope you like it as much as we think we will.

These are just somethings that I have been pondering today. Happy Tuesday!


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Mendocino Photographer|12 in 2012

I know that it’s a bit behind schedule but I want to share with you my goals for 2012. I would appreciate your help in accomplishing them. With your encouragement and support I know that this year is going to rock. We have already gotten off to a pretty good start. Just yesterday I got to mark something off my photography bucket list. It was amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you all, however that’s a whole different post all by itself. so without further ado, our 12 for 2012.

12 Goals for 2012:

1. Shoot more for ME

2. Blog more about ME

3. Blog more about YOU

4. Play more, work less

5. Take fun excursions with our boys

6. Develop our Brand

7. attend photography workshops

8. Workout

9. Eat less fat and carbs

10. work on my associates (Chelsi)

11. spend time with our friends independently of eachother

12. travel around California taking photos

Do you think that we are reaching too high? I really hope that at the end of 2012 all every single one of these will be marked off our list. Will you help us?  I hope so. Our journey would not be the same with each of our fabulous clients, friends, family members, and business partners. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Now off to start working on those goals. . .

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Mendocino Wedding Photographer {Our Love Story-Part One}

Cameron and I have been together (not married, but together) for almost five and a half years. Five and a half years ago Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, Cameron asked me on our first official date.Yes. I said official.  Our first “date” was actually on January 20th BUT Cameron didn’t realize that he was taking me on a date.

Photo by That's Amore Photography in Los Angeles

He thought he was just being a nice guy and taking me on a kayaking trip. Apparently, he had no idea that a date consists of three things:

1. Picking up a girl from her house.

2. going and doing something actively (IE Kayaking, hiking, rowboating, walking on the beach, ETC.)

3. Preparing or going out for a meal.

Yes, my friends, he picked me up from my parents house, brought a picnic lunch, and we went kayaking on Big River.  The man is amazing. He thought he was just being nice. Then he was reeled in. Less than a month later, he asked me to go to dinner.  We ate at Taka’s Grill (a local Japanese Grill).  That’s just the beginning of the story.

Stay tuned, and I will tell you the rest of our Love Story in my next post.



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Mendocino Wedding Photographer {I like talking about you you you usually. . .}

I just absolutely love Toby Keith. Don’t you?  I mean, really do like talking about you usually, but occasionally, I like to talk about meeeeee!

I’m going to do things a big differently here on the blog for the next few posts.  Usually, everything here is about YOU and your gorgeous photos, or advise on how to make YOUR photographer work for YOU. For the next few posts however, I am going to talk about ME. That’s right readers, I’m going to tell you all sorts of useless information about ME, in hopes that WE can get to know each-other.  I will start with the easy stuff and then we will get more into the heavy stuff.  Will go on this journey with me?

1. What made you get into photography?

This will be a two part answer.  First, I have been playing with SLR cameras since I was 10 years old (for those of you who don’t know how old I am, that was in 1993).  My first camera was a Minolta Maxxum 600si.  My step-father was into nature photography before he met my mom.  His camera somehow ended up in my hands more than it did in his, so it was only natural that he would give it to me when he got his first Digital Camera.  I played with it some in high school and college, but then life got busy, and I put it down.  It wasn’t until I had my first child that I really picked it back up.  I took countless photos of our eldest son Aiden.  I really started to enjoy black and white photography.  I was probably spending about $50 a month on developing film.  When our middle child Christian was born in 2008, I shot a whole roll of his first day home with us.  My then 4 year old promptly dropped the undeveloped roll into a glass of water.  That’s when my husband decided it was time to upgrade our then Nikon N80 to a Nikon D40.   It was all over from there. I took hundreds of photos every day of our growing boys.   I was smitten.  I had no intention of going pro. Ever. However, fate had different plans.

Now,I have been shooting weddings professionally since 2009.   Also something I never saw myself doing, but after my first one, I was hooked.  There is something about LOVE that just reals me in.  I love to hear the stories. I love to watch the groom as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress.   I watched amazed as the little flower girls walk down  aisle in their princess dresses.  I tear up every.single.time the bride and groom say their vows.

It’s always an honor and a privilege to be invited into a persons life to help them capture their most precious moments. I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

wooo, now that the one question that most of my readers already knew the answer too, now on to the fun stuff!

2.  If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

My original thought on this was Lois Lane.  I mean what girl doesn’t want to date a super hero?  Then, my imagination got the best of me. Without a doubt, I would be Mickey Mouse. Really? Who doesn’t LOVE Disneyland?  Mickey is the object of every person’s affection, he’s a cultural icon, and he’s just so darn cute.  Why not Minnie Mouse you say?  Well that’s simple, she simply doesn’t get as much attention as Mickey. :)

3. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Honest, sometimes too much so. I can’t see any reason to hide how I truley feel about things. My feeling is that if you feel you have to lie about it, you probably shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

Loyal. Even when the person or thing I am loyal to, may or may not be loyal to me.  Yes, it’s true. You CAN count on me.

Enthusiastic, sometimes annoyingly so.  If something excites me, I’m all over it. I’m even enthusiastic about boring things. Just ask my husband. He’ll tell you.

4. If you were a Star Trek® [or Star Wars® ] character, which one would it be?

I’m definitely Hans Solo.  Fierce, fiery, unafraid and uncomplicated.  Enough said.

Well that’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I will answer some more “serious” questions.  For today however, my quirkiness will have to suffice.



If you are wondering where I got my “quirky” questions, look no further than Hub Pages.