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Party of 16|Northern California’s Premier Family Photographers

Monica contacted us from The Highland Ranch inquiring if we were available to photograph a family of 16. Her mom turned 70 recently and they wanted to have photos of the whole family taken as a gift.

Anytime you put three families together and try to take one photo, personalities are bound to show through. Our experience this past Monday was no exception.


I can say without a doubt that this was one of the coolest families I have met in a long time.  It’s not very often that you hear kids get excited about searching for frogs or going horse back riding. What about climbing a redwood tree?!? My kids get excited about all those things, but it’s not too often I hear those activities being offered up as incentive for behaving nicely. Coolest. Family. Ever.

Three Families, one set of twins, two great grandparents, and a great uncle. I can’t say it came without challenge, but it was definitely fun.  Upon our arrival one of the little boys came to me and told me that his shoes made him run faster like rockets. “I Looooovvvvveee my shoes!”

Don’t you love the yellow rocking chairs? I think they were perfect for this session. The colors that they chose were perfect and the riding vests! Don’t even get me started about the riding vests!

Seriously?!? Could it get any cuter?  I really don’t think so.  Thank you Dernburg Family for the wonderful morning! We had a great time with you all. Enjoy the rest of your vacation on the ranch!

For more photos of this beautiful family click here.  As always, if you have questions or would like to schedule your session with us please email us at mcfaddenstudios@gmail.com.




Sisters | Fort Bragg California Family Photographer

There is nothing better than a photo session with a long time friend and her sister. I have had the pleasure of knowing Savannah since grammar school and her baby sister since she was an infant. We had a little bit of fun out at Jughandle State Park this week in preparation for Father’s Day.  40 minutes plus perfect light plus two beautiful girls equals time well spent.



Father’s Day is approaching quickly. Have you considered a photo shoot for the father in your life?  It’s a gift that will last a lifetime. Thank you Savannah for inviting us to help you create lasting memories for your DAD! Hugs and Kisses from both of us!


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Celebrate Young Children | Mendocino County Child Photographer

We had the privilege of spending the entirety of Saturday outdoors. Not because we were home with nothing to do. No. We went to a Celebrate the Week of the Young Child event at our local elementary school.  It was FANTASTIC.  The boys all enjoyed it immensely.

One of the activities for the children was Newspaper Hat Making hosted by our very favorite local preschool.  Here are a few moments that are dear to my heart.

We never pass up a good opportunity to have our faces painted! Naturally we spent some time at the face painting station. Cameron and I have never seen our boys sit so still. I asked the artists if they would mind coming to my house on a daily basis so that my kids could settle down. HAHA, yeah right!

Wowza. Those eyelashes. I mean, boys don’t care right?  I wish that I had eyelashes like that. Don’t you?!? Just WOW!

Now, you may be wondering why Aiden chose a butterfly. Well. We just finished up a science fair project about butterflies. I actually went ahead and had my face painted too. I didn’t take any photos though. So sorry! Anyway, that’s why our 7 year old boy wanted a butterfly. Of course, our more rough and tumble child wanted something completely typical. Wolverine!
They even agreed to give him spikes on his hands!
Our little superhero in action.  He really is quite the ruff and tumble kid.
On a whole, I would say our Saturday was full of fun. We are so blessed to have wonderful community members that come together and put on these kinds of events for our kids. If you were one of the vendors at Celebrate The Week of the Young Child. THANK YOU! You all rock!!

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Super 4 | Fort Bragg California Party Photographer

Did you hear? Someone turned 4 a few weeks ago! While I haven’t taken his portraits quite yet, we do have a few photos to share of his party. Christian is utterly obsessed with Batman and Spiderman. He couldn’t decide between the two, I decided to just go with “superheroes”.  Here’s what Monkey Moo Moo and I came up with. Do you remember the old Batman and Robin show? When they hit each other the conversation bubbles would come up saying “pow”?  I used to love that show as a little girl and I wanted to incorporate it.

With a little luck I found blowers that said said POW, SMACK, and KABOOM. We found masks to match that gave off a rainbow effect when the kids put them on.

Then of course there were the hats made by Monkey Moo Moo.  I wanted something simple that matched the theme. I think they were perfect.

There was Super Water. I mean what superhero doesn’t need a little thirst quencher from time to time? These little guys got special stuff.

My very favorite element of this birthday party was their takeaway. I decided that instead of handing out a box full of gifts that would break or get thrown away a week after they were taken home, I would put a bit more thought into it. With the help of my beautiful and wonderful mother we came up with superhero capes.  Each child in attendance took home a cape with their initial on it. They are reversible so once side is their favorite color and the other is black for Batman.  I must say they were a hit.

Each guest took their cape home in a gable box with a tag that said thanks from Christian.

Of course no party is complete without cake. Christian had picked out the Spiderman Candle and I wanted a cake that would allow for it to be on top. I had envisioned something with tiers, but then decided that cupcakes are easier to serve than cake. Enter round cake with buildings.

The Cake and Cupcakes were made by a Heather Orsi. For those of you who live here, you KNOW that there is some serious talent in her family. Her husband’s aunt made cakes and she was amazing. Now Heather is carrying on the tradition.

Monkey Moo Moo again stepped in and made toppers for all the cupcakes and the tiny banner for the cake.

Last but certainly not least was the super cool banner made by Monkey Moo Moo.

This really was one of the best birthday parties ever thanks to all the hard work put in by my mom, Monkey Moo Moo, Heather, and our family.  I will leave you with one last photo. I wasn’t planning on sharing, but you have to see just a glimpse of the birthday boy!


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Fort Bragg, California Lifestyle Photographer {Be Mine}

Cameron and I had so much fun yesterday creating the perfect table and activity for our two favorite love birds.  S & M rocked the lens as they made art with conversation hearts.  M was clad in a adorable knit dress, knee high boots, and a set of nails that were painted with hearts and stripes. As they played with balloons, whispered sweet nothings into eachother’s ears and just had an old fashioned good time we were smitten.  Don’t take our word for it though, check out what we all created together.

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