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Our Love Story Part 2| Looks Can Be Decieving

In Our Love Story|Part One you learned what a “real date” looks like.  Apparently Cameron is just a hopeless romantic, what can I say.  Today, a totally new chapter to the story. In which you find out, something you may not know about either one of us.

Did I mention that when I met Cameron for the very first time he was the pastor of my church? No, dear readers, your eyes are not deceiving you. Cameron and I met in church.  I had a beautiful 2 year old at the time. You may know him. He’s my eldest child.  He was adorable then like he is now.

I walked into the sanctuary that day as I always had before. My 2 year old toddling along with my parents a few feet behind me.  At first glance, Cameron thought I was single. He took one look at me, thought, “now there’s a girl I would like to date”. I took one look at him, with his goatee and rugged good looks, thought, “pastor, no way, never going to happen”.  In my mind, Cameron was unattainable.

I sat down and prepared to listen to a sermon from our new, very good looking, young pastor. Aiden crawled up in my lap.  Cameron noticed Aiden.  Thought “she’s married” and crossed me off the list.

Boy were we both terribly wrong about each-other.  See, looks CAN be very deceiving. What you think is true about someone may very well turn out to be completely false.  At first glance, I was a married woman. In Cameron’s head my husband was off at war, working, or hunting.  I thought, pastor of a church, not my type. not at all. I am the “bad boy” type of girl. I mean I had just finished up a few dates with a Harley Davidson riding, smooth talking, firefighter just weeks prior to our first encounter.  Little did we both know, there was a much bigger picture to the whole ordeal. We would soon find out many truths about each-other. We would go through some life changing moments together.  And that my friends, is why, looks can be deceiving.

Stay tuned for part 3.  I think this series will have several parts. I’m enjoying telling the story.



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