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One Love| Anderson Valley Wedding Photographer

Kendra and Lee. Your marriage celebration was simply breath taking. We can not begin to tell you how beautiful it really was. You are a sweet sweet couple. Your Our family is amazing.

We always love it when our clients also happen to be our family.  This last weekend’s wedding was immensely cool for both Cameron and me. From hanging out with family we have known and loved for years, and meeting new family we didn’t know anything about, to discovering new friends, it was a great experience for us both. Thank you Kendra and Lee for including us in you special day.

The Boonville Hotel is outstanding. If you have been thinking about a getaway, Anderson Valley is THE place to play!  Serious.

We can’t say better things about the team that made Kendra and Lee’s day a success. Big Ups to The Boonville Hotel for Event Styling and Catering.


Kendra and Lee chose to forgo renting chairs. Because of this, they opted to use the chairs that the hotel could provide. The eclecticism of the chairs fit perfectly with the over all feeling of the venue. Perfectly styled if you ask us. But who are we right?!?


Not a lot of detail was needed to add beauty to this venue, but what the staff brought to the table was fitting for the location and spoke volumes about the couple and their heritage.


Don’t even get us started on the food! Crab and Shrimp Ceviche, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Fire Roasted Pizza were on the menu for the evening. Cooked to perfection and served with style. I think Table 128 at The Boonville Hotel comes by the slogan “so hot your cool, so cool your hot” honestly.

A shout out to Amanda at Anderson Valley Salon for hair and make-up.

Kendra and Lee’s message to their guests was “One love, one life, let’s get together and feel alright.”  We don’t think that any other phrase could describe their celebration more perfectly.  Complete with a bagpipe performance from Kendra’s Brother, the ceremony was heart felt and encircling.

Of course you can’t have a celebration with out two lovely people in love with each other.  Kendra and Lee, you are a beautiful couple inside and out.

Thank you again Kendra and Lee for inviting us to share in your celebration! Hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon!!

To see more photos of this amazing event please click here to visit their facebook album. Of course, if you ever have any questions or would like to book your own session please contact us at mcfaddenstudios@gmail.com.