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Lilla Rose Flexi|a product review

As many of you know, I just recently had my hair cut off and died fire engine red.  It is nearly impossible to get all of my hair to stay up in a ponytail at it’s current length. Enter Sarah Ives with Lilla Rose.  The Lilla Rose Flexi changed my life.

I am a Dental Assistant and have to keep my hair pulled back and out of my face while I am working with patients. The really cool thing about this clip is that it’s pretty, stylish, and easy to use.  If I want to take my hair down after assisting with a patient, it doesn’t leave a bump in my hair.  I can wear it to work, out to dinner, or just lounging around my house.

It can be used several different ways.  In a half up pony tail, full pony tail, or a twist.

There are several sizes to choose from based on your hair type.  Flexies are not the only things you will find at Lilla Rose either.  there are some other very cool things. Visit Sarah’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/lillarosebysarahives and see for yourself.

I highly recommend hosting a party with Sarah and checking out her stock with your girlfriends!  Stay tuned because we will be offering a giveaway from Sarah and Lilla Rose sometime in the near future!  We may also be featuring some of her products in a shoot coming up. Very exciting!

Until next time!