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California Dreamin| Fort Bragg, California Family Photographer

A little background on this shoot. Holly and I have known each-other since high school.  Cameron met Nat while he was interning for his Paramedic.  I’ve been dying to get them in front of my camera. You can imagine my excitement when I  found an email from Holly asking if I would be willing to take photos of their family.  I mean, I get excited when anyone wants me to shoot for them, but when it’s someone I know and respect, it’s that much more exciting. I think I may have even done a Snoopy Happy Dance at some point.  We love when we get to work with our brothers and sisters in EMS. It makes our day!

Honestly. I have never seen Cameron take so many photos at a family shoot. It was awesome.  The location was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the family was AWESOME!  I mean, who could blame him right?    Don’t take my word for it though.  See for yourself.

We even got a very cool assistant out of the deal.  Thank you to second crew over at Fort Bragg Ambulance for covering for Nat so that he could join us on our adventure. AND thank you to Ryan for toting all our stuff around the dunes! Ya never know, we could be calling you in the future for assistance.

Now, if you know Holly, you know she is stunning.  Little did I know, she is also fiercer than fierce!

Don’t even get me started on how adorable Baby M is! He was just all smiles and giggles the entire session. Sweetest little guy we’ve encountered in a long time (ours not included).

Thank you Holly and Nat for inviting us to the COOLEST location ever. We had a great time and we hope you did too.

To see more from this session please visit and like their facebook album.  And of course, if you want to chat with us about your dream session feel free to visit the contact tab either on our facebook page or right here on the blog.



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Super 4 | Fort Bragg California Party Photographer

Did you hear? Someone turned 4 a few weeks ago! While I haven’t taken his portraits quite yet, we do have a few photos to share of his party. Christian is utterly obsessed with Batman and Spiderman. He couldn’t decide between the two, I decided to just go with “superheroes”.  Here’s what Monkey Moo Moo and I came up with. Do you remember the old Batman and Robin show? When they hit each other the conversation bubbles would come up saying “pow”?  I used to love that show as a little girl and I wanted to incorporate it.

With a little luck I found blowers that said said POW, SMACK, and KABOOM. We found masks to match that gave off a rainbow effect when the kids put them on.

Then of course there were the hats made by Monkey Moo Moo.  I wanted something simple that matched the theme. I think they were perfect.

There was Super Water. I mean what superhero doesn’t need a little thirst quencher from time to time? These little guys got special stuff.

My very favorite element of this birthday party was their takeaway. I decided that instead of handing out a box full of gifts that would break or get thrown away a week after they were taken home, I would put a bit more thought into it. With the help of my beautiful and wonderful mother we came up with superhero capes.  Each child in attendance took home a cape with their initial on it. They are reversible so once side is their favorite color and the other is black for Batman.  I must say they were a hit.

Each guest took their cape home in a gable box with a tag that said thanks from Christian.

Of course no party is complete without cake. Christian had picked out the Spiderman Candle and I wanted a cake that would allow for it to be on top. I had envisioned something with tiers, but then decided that cupcakes are easier to serve than cake. Enter round cake with buildings.

The Cake and Cupcakes were made by a Heather Orsi. For those of you who live here, you KNOW that there is some serious talent in her family. Her husband’s aunt made cakes and she was amazing. Now Heather is carrying on the tradition.

Monkey Moo Moo again stepped in and made toppers for all the cupcakes and the tiny banner for the cake.

Last but certainly not least was the super cool banner made by Monkey Moo Moo.

This really was one of the best birthday parties ever thanks to all the hard work put in by my mom, Monkey Moo Moo, Heather, and our family.  I will leave you with one last photo. I wasn’t planning on sharing, but you have to see just a glimpse of the birthday boy!


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Fort Bragg California Photographer| Communication is an Art

The Art of Communication. Yes, communication really is an art. Communication takes finesse, thought, the ability to listen, time, and most importantly patience.  Communication is the key to any business relationship.  Generation X as we like to call ourselves has communication down to a science. Sometimes to our own demise. With email and social media at our fingertips via our smartphone, tablets, and even laptops it is virtually unnecessary to carry on a conversation face to face.

This may be the reason why I put such a HUGE price into sitting face to face with every. single. one. of my prospective brides. I want to know if we can carry on a conversation, if we are compatible and share a vision.

All that being said, we are changing our consult structure just a bit for the 2013 wedding season. We will get into the details a bit more as the time comes, but let me just say, I think our clients are going to love it just as much as we are. We will give you a sneak peak as the 2012 wedding season comes to a close. It’s unique and innovative. We hope you like it as much as we think we will.

These are just somethings that I have been pondering today. Happy Tuesday!


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The Day it Didn’t Rain| Fort Bragg, California Photographer

So you know that one day last week that it didn’t rain?!? Yeah, you know the one. The sky was beautiful. It was almost warm. It smelled like Spring. For a fleeting moment, it felt like Spring.  I miss that day!

In the morning I woke up and at my breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The view from the breakfast table was just too good to miss. Our littlest man, James loves to be read to. Cameron of course is his favorite, so he had to do the reading on this particular morning.  I though to myself,

Happiness is watching my baby boy curled up with his daddy on the couch reading stories about fire engines. Add a little bit of Cinnamon goodness and it’s perfection. Well, that and who can resist the baby toes?

After taking in the sights on the home front it was time for a quick walk on The Haul Road. Of course the weather did not disappoint and neither did my camera.  As we walked along I took in the beauty that was my home and thought to myself, Happiness is pine needles, grassy fields, and the ocean breeze.

Then I got to thinking. Isn’t happiness whatever I say it is?  I determine my own mood, no one does that for me.  If I am happy it’s because I have decided to be that way.  If I’m content it is because I have chosen to be that way.  There isn’t anything that really can effect my mood. Sure, things happen that can contribute to how I view the world. Ultimately though, my happiness is only really dependent upon one person. Little old Me.

 I don’t know about you, but I choose Happiness. I choose contentment. I choose serendipitous joy. What do you choose?

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Fort Bragg, California Family Portrait Photographer| Kennedy Family

It’s raining. It’s pouring. the old man is snoring It’s cramping my style. Being a natural light photographer like myself, the last thing I want to do is throw a flash on my camera and shoot indoors. Fortunately for the Kennedy Family, their house has beautiful natural light.   Here’s their story.


The Kennedy Family own a beautiful vacation home here in Fort Bragg, but they live in Colorado. A few weeks ago, Penny contacted me and asked if I was available for a photo shoot during their spring break. I knew there was a great likelihood of rain. Yesterday, there was rain. however, we didn’t let it get us down. I think we managed to capture their family almost perfectly.  


I was greeted with exuberance by this cutie pie when I arrived at the house.  Miss “K” is one cute kid. She loves the camera and it loves her.  I found something to connect with her about from the beginning and she was very easy to photograph.  Thank you Miss “K” for making me smile.


This is Miss “F”. She wasn’t so sure about me when I first arrived to her house, but she warmed up toward the end. I understand she took quite a fall yesterday on a trail ride. We are hoping you feel much better soon Miss “F”.


Thank you Kennedy Family for inviting me into your home. It was fun.